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    • Three Wheels Treats regularly serves up to 250 guests in under an hour and 250-500 guests in under two hours. Serving more than 500 treats requires two Three Wheels trikes and is possible with special consideration and planning.
    • Each Three Wheels trike holds up to 500 prepackaged frozen novelties. One trike, with one ice cream host, can serve approximately 250 treats per hour.  Events requiring 250+ treats to be served in under 1 hour, or 500+ treats in under two hours, will usually require multiple trikes and ice cream hosts.
    • Would you like to help serve? Some wedding couples love to take a bit of time to serve their guests ice cream from our trike at dessert time or even as a fun part of the receiving line. It's a great photo op for family and friends with the happy couple!  We can serve ice cream while the couple is taking photos, surprise your guests with ice cream upon arrival to or departure from the ceremony venue, during the reception with hors d'oeuvres, or to accompany cake or other dessert. For corporate appreciation events, we often have executive management assist us in serving which is so much fun for the group and provides a perfect photo/selfie op with management and the trike. We even have Three Wheels Treats ice cream host coats for guest servers to wear!
    • In most cases, we do not rent out our trikes without an ice cream host. We would be happy to work with you to rent our trike for larger, multi-day meetings and conferences, and those interested in using our trike for promotional events or film/photography shoots.  


    • Weddings and Corporate/Private Event pricing includes one hour of service from our professional ice cream host from our amazing ice cream trike and up to 75 delicious ice cream novelties. Additional novelties are $3.50. 
      • Professional Ice Cream Hosts  Ice cream treats are served to your guests with a smile and with the utmost professionalism by friendly, polished, uniformed staff in Three Wheels Treats.
      • The combined state and local tax rate for the city of your event location will be used to calculate sales tax.
      • Deposits  Our trikes are in great demand year 'round as it is always a good time for ice cream! A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your event date.
      • Insurance Coverage  Three Wheels Treats carries a full $1,000,000/$1,000,000 General Liability/Aggregate insurance policy. 
      Please contact Three Wheels Treats at 412-324-2210 so we can discuss your event, confirm availability for your date during the busy spring, summer and fall seasons and provide you with an exact price. We will also help you choose your novelty items and plan any Three Wheels Treats logistics for your special event. We look forward to helping you create party memories for your guests with the simple joy of ice cream!