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Three Wheels Treats is a unique way to treat your employees, customers and clients to the simple joy of ice cream that everyone loves, anytime of year! Build relationships and promote goodwill by treating your guests to unforgettable ice cream service for:

  • Product Launches
  • Employee Recognition Evens
  • National Sales Meetings and Incentives
  • Company Picnics
  • Shareholder Meetings
  • Conferences/Workshops/Training Sessions
  • Holiday Parties
  • Golf Tournaments (We can easily ride our trike along golf cart paths to position and re-position the trike at various golf holes throughout the course.) 
  • Professional Presentation  Clean, eye-catching, unique, visually appealing ice cream trike delivered, set up in the location of your choice and hosted by our professional, experienced ice cream hosts. The owner of Three Wheels Treats has many years of experience as an onsite Event Management Consultant for high-level, Fortune 500 client events at premier hotels and conference centers in the US and abroad. She manages event logistics for large and small groups and provides bespoke service and product presentation in the utmost professional manner.
  • Professional Service  Ice cream treats served with a smile with the utmost professionalism by friendly, polished, uniformed staff who are excited to contribute to your special event.
  • No Mess & No Long Lines  Scooped ice cream is melty, drippy, messy and time consuming to serve and eat. Avoid long ice cream truck lines outside on the street in the weather. Our classic, pre-packaged novelties are quick and easy to serve between breakout meetings, snack breaks or at special events in climate-controlled comfort indoors. Treat your employees and clients to popular selections of our premium brands including Ben & Jerry’s, Magnum and Haagen-Dazs which conveys the message to your employees, customers and clients that they are appreciated.
  • Mobility  Our ice cream trike will fit into most standard elevators, and can roll through a standard 36″ office doorway allowing flexibility to stagger service to multiple groups at various times. 
  • Corporate Campus & Multi-Level Offices  Our ice cream trike catering service is ideal for companies occupying different floors of a building and/or multiple buildings on a corporate campus and have indoor events which require the flexibility to move the trike to various locations to accommodate your guests. Bring the excitement of the ice cream man right onto campus or inside your offices anytime of year! 
  • Power/Electricity Our environmentally friendly ice cream trikes do not require electric power as our frozen treats are cooled with dry ice. 
  • Social Media Marketing is an effect of a fun time eating ice cream served from a Three Wheels Treats trike. Our amazing, high-end ice cream trike is like nothing people have seen before. Your guests will want to take selfies with the trike and share fun pics about your event on social media. 

    Three Wheels Treats ice cream trikes, fully stocked with delicious premium ice cream bars, is equipped and able to manage logistical challenges of quickly and efficiently serving larger groups of 150+, while still maintaining a high level of customer attention and service. 


    Deals get done with ice cream. Ice cream tends to lighten the atmosphere, gets people chatting, and stirs happy memories of good times enjoying ice cream treats with family and friends. Industries such as insurance, pharmaceutical, and real estate are businesses that regularly send client gifts to show appreciation, build relationships and generate goodwill which ultimately leads to sales. Send our stocked ice cream trike and our professional ice cream host to your best clients' offices for an out-of-the-box experience that will be remembered.


    Three Wheels Treats rents and ships our ice cream trikes for larger multiple-day corporate events/meetings to venues beyond Pittsburgh for your next large meeting or product launch. Please contact Three Wheels Treats for more information. 

    Please contact Three Wheels Treats at 412-353-3883 to discuss your company event, confirm availability for your date during the busy spring, summer and fall seasons and provide you with an exact quote. We will also help you choose your novelty items and plan any Three Wheels Treats logistics for your special event. We look forward to helping you create party memories for your guests with the simple joy of ice cream!
    To reserve your date, call 412-353-3883 or email us at