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Kids and students love ice cream! Teachers love ice cream! Campers love ice cream! Three Wheels Treat brings the fun to your school and camp at any time of year. 
  • End-of-year (or any time of year!) school celebrations to reward students for accomplishing goals and to reward teachers and staff for their dedication is a sweet way to say “Thank You”.
  • PTA Fundraisers
  • School/University Carnivals
  • School/University Sporting Events
  • Homecoming and Alumni Reunions
  • Treats for Campers - sometimes younger campers can be hesitant about going to camp. An exciting visit from the ice cream triike on opening/closing day or our popular weekly camp visits are so much fun for campers to look forward to!
Three Wheels Treats can serve ice cream treats outdoors or indoors! Kids do not have to approach the street as you would with an ice cream truck. We can ride our trike safely through the grounds of your event and bring the ice cream right to the center of the celebration. Rain looming? No need to disappoint the kids. What our clients love about our ice cream trike is that we can easily ride it over any firm surface, through standard 36" doorways and even into a larger elevator to relocate indoors to a gymnasium, cafeteria or other indoor space when it rains. You can't drive an ice cream truck inside! With our mobile ice cream trikes, let the party continue! Want to break up a long winter session with some summertime fun? Three Wheels Treats can roll our trike inside and serve kids their favorite summer ice cream treats even when the weather outside is frosty. 
Residents love our ice cream trike as it brings back fun memories of childhood and the ice cream man. Bring smiles and the joy of ice cream right inside and to any floor as our trikes can roll over any firm surface, up ramps and even into larger elevators and do not require electricity to chill frozen treats. Many residents have limited mobility. We can ride our trike door to door through the halls or neighborhood and residents can enjoy ice cream treats in the comfort of their rooms, apartments or houses. Three Wheels Treats are popular for afternoon or after-meal treats in the common dining space. Enjoying ice cream often stirs up fond memories and promotes socialization as residents share stories of children and grandchildren and enjoying ice cream with loved ones. 


Please contact Three Wheels Treats at 412-353-3883 to discuss your event, confirm availability for your date during the busy spring, summer and fall seasons and provide you with an exact quote. We will also help you choose your novelty items and plan any Three Wheels Treats logistics for your special event. We look forward to helping you create party memories for your guests with the simple joy of ice cream!
To reserve your date, call 412-353-3883 or email us at